Monday, December 13, 2010

Soulsticey Compilation

Yo nukkaazz if you make phat beats (or skinny beats) WE CHING Records' winter solstice compilation is coming out December 21st and that means we need your tracks by the 20th!

Keep it celestial and awe-inspired and willed through love and it is sure to warm some hearts on the shortest day of the year.

Send links to your pieces (in WAV if possible) to soulsticey @

.... in other news...

since the vinces pretty much gave up on blogging (they lead boring lives these days I guess) I'm starting an offshoot blog. probably going to update this mofo at least once more with a lot of iphone pics I've not put up anywhere yet and then start the new one with an actual film post. I lead a full and exciting life of business, travel, party, and pleasure with friends, family, and lovers and so feel the need to share some of it with my adoring fans....... crickets....

this blog will continue because it still gets the ocassional update

okay one love my motherfathers