Saturday, October 24, 2009

Asteroids & Insanity

Does that make me crazy?!?!?!

Skhizein from Josef K. on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


crazy music video

dim the lights, turn up the sound, full screen.

blackhole from arjanM on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

VHV halloween LA2SF

here comes halloween.. get excited.

and San Francisco is awesom

panorama SF

panorama, twin peaks. i fucked up a little but enjoy.


kenny derping


good shit


oh ya, obama was in town.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

small update before a long weekend

gotsta be studying my portuguese and doing some music homework

but all the other look coolers are updating so I gotta do something

here is a small post of pictures of some things I thought were worth taking pictures of in last two or three weeks.

hurry harri

small post 10/14
protesting at my school getting major mediaz coveragez

small post 10/14
am i fashion?

small post 10/14
found 5 crydamore/roule vinyls for $1 each a couple weeks ago. come ups.

small post 10/14
art lair

small post 10/14
we walk into a room and the sex blows up (brah)

small post 10/14
at the opera

small post 10/14

small post 10/14

it's being worked on, slowly and steadily! i'm a busy guy what can i say. hopefully by then end of october (?????? is this going to happen??????) but definitely by 2012.

keep updating your blogs and making art in the mean time
really really sick disposable camera update
extremely good photo post, half of those images are my background now lol


small post 10/14
feeling european

small post 10/14
he did what?!?!!

oh shit

PG&E truck just pulled up in front of my house. And i definitely have not been paying any bills for water or electric or gas. in fact they don't even know i live here. i hope they don't kill my power. POWER!

small post 10/14
you can look, but don't touch

small post 10/14
she so horny

small post 10/14
spoookkyy. but prety sure i messed it up with that glare

small post 10/14

small post 10/14

my school is full of artists (and I don't go to art school suckaaaa)

small post 10/14
yeah we get studio time

that's my sound art professor. we made contact mics in class last thursday. SICK SHIT.

small post 10/14

small post 10/14

small post 10/14
@theruinerisin getting thoughtful

small post 10/14
ay ay ay!

small post 10/14
smooth operator. at the opera. leather jacket and tie. stella artois. german.

small post 10/14
fecal face dot gallery

small post 10/14
the mark of the panda

small post 10/14
does that make me crazy? probably.

small post 10/14
amor de lejos, amor de pendejos!

small post 10/14

small post 10/14

china town ftw!

small post 10/14

small post 10/14
wicked was the stupidest story I'd ever heard. the lights were good, the sets were good, the music and singing was awful and whoever wrote the script was drunk.

the tin man is a munchkin? really? a munchkin turns into the tin man? really? do you think I'm stupid? are you rich? yes.

small post 10/14

small post 10/14
the fireplace was sitting next to us to get warm.

small post 10/14
don't stop, get it, get it.

small post 10/14
look familiar?

small post 10/14
bathroom grafitti...owned...

small post 10/14
professor semenchuk? can I call you Mrs. Spermbarf?

small post 10/14
feeling triipyyy

small post 10/14
making choooonnssssssssssssssss
for a limited time i'll post a demo of something
this is one of many
i like to work on a lot of stuff at once
probably gives me acne
but who cares?!? (BWC? @oizo3000)

demo meaning: generic synth, generic drums, generic composition. but it's how the idea got written down. maybe it will be something crazy soon. maybe it is already something crazy. you get to hear the demo sucka.

check out the other everythinglookscool blogs

and get ready for

and this weekend is treasure island and some of my best friends are coming to visit, so there are sure to be more epic photo posts coming soon.

last test in portugese my whole family showed up the night before and so i did not study. the test this week, a bunch of homies (V, Z, N @ vhv, minniezoe, and pacificdissent are showing up the night before, so I have to get all my studying done today so that they will not make me fail (I got a C on the last test because of the company, A's on all the previous!)

i am very excite!