Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Major Lazer "Zumbie" ft. Andy Milonakis

NEW ZUMBI Music vid. ZumbI - Major Lazer ft. Andy Milinokis

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oi MayteZ. Hope you wore your diapers.

I gotchu, MDMC here... just ripped the audio from the video of my 20min set y'all! So tune in and let the music take over cus i got some head knockerz y'all! If you have neck problems, i recommend to try to control yourself on the head knockage. Holla at me @EmdiiEmcii pon di TWITTER! yaddaaai.

MDMC 20min Flava

Monday, May 25, 2009


humans are D.A.F. and go to war. Lots of people die. Today we have to thank the people who went down for the rest of us assholes.

eat skeet mondays tonight, rsvp you got 10 minutes actually. dunno if I'm going, but it's somewhere to go!

i've been unpacking all my school stuff and am working on a resume to send to @skeetonmytwitts and a couple other places. parents want me working for some reason. psh.

if anybody knows of a part time job needing somebody like me hit me up, I want to be able to ride my bike there and want to have plenty of time to work on my own stuff when I'm not working. fasho thanks

and here's one of the ultimate jerk videos ever (via eatskeet)

oh yea and i think my new alter ego is gonna be called POLYGLOTT (via mimus polyglottos aka the northern mockingbird) add me on twitter baby. @POLYGLOTT

and add @weCHING
and add @EVERYTHINGLOCO the pre-latest and greatest art company in the world.

as soon as I get a job I'm gonna be on top of one of these babies (via wetdreams)

already got some mad magic figured out for it.


okay fasho when's yogurtland open?

one love

Saturday, May 23, 2009

P of I, M

there you go

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late Coachella photos. Not too late though

Coachella was a good experience as usual.
Molo was startin' the weekend off right...

Little bbq next to the pool
walking to the show
Nice view of coachella valley polo fields
fences offer good back support
the Dome
chillin during peter bjorn & john.
Peace out coachella 2009


Photo Credit for Coachella post: Noel Howard




Saturday, May 9, 2009

polar bear spin

the Funadvice Traffic Exchange
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: br
Stranger: br?
You: its cold
You: really cold
Stranger: oh!
Stranger: where do you live?
You: br
You: greenland
You: very cold now
Stranger: wow... ive always wanted to go there
You: its not nice
You: many polar bear
You: near beautiful beach spots
Stranger: really?
You: yes
You: no humans
You: on coast
You: near to me
Stranger: wow...
Stranger: what are you doing up so late?
You: school studying
You: many tests
You: so that i can leave this slavery
You: working for the ministry
You: hurting people i love
Stranger: really? why?
You: it is mandatory
You: for women my age
You: to sew uniforms
You: for our soldiers
Stranger: that sucks ass!
Stranger: why dont you leave?
You: i cannot
You: not until i am 34
Stranger: where are all the soldiers going?
You: russia
You: large war
You: biological warfare
You: great cost of life
Stranger: really?
Stranger: i never heard of this
You: you have not?
You: almost all of our men are gone
You: only old men
You: and the one with bone in head
You: who cannot fight
You: are still here
Stranger: tell me more!
You: what do you like to know?
Stranger: how did the war start? who is it between?
You: we do not know
You: we only know we must work for it
You: to make sure we prevail
You: all of life on earth at stake
You: and we fight to protect our planet
You: people who want too much power
You: with deadly weapons
You: is all they tell us
Stranger: how come you cant find out more?
You: they will not tell us
You: they say
You: that they have machines
You: that can see our thoughts
You: from a very great ddistance
You: and if we knew
Stranger: what? thats fuckin crazy
You: we could do harm to our military
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 15
Stranger: damn
Stranger: what part of greenland do you live in?
You: i cannot be sure
You: they moved us all
You: to govenrmenet housing
Stranger: why is the world at stake... who else is in trouble?
You: all people
You: how do you not know?
You: europe is already mostly infected
You: but the virus is incubating
Stranger: infected with what?
You: we do not know
You: something horrible
Stranger: are you joking?
You: no
You: i only wish
You: my father has been gone for six months
You: and my brother
You: and my mother died a year a go
You: because she refused the shots
You: from the doctors
Stranger: how did you learn english?
You: school
You: i went to a good school
Stranger: i never heard about any of this
You: how can you have not?
Stranger: when did this all start?
You: surely you know peopel in the military
You: 18 months ago
Stranger: i know lots of people in the military
You: and are they fighting in russia?
You: and china?
Stranger: no... iraq
Stranger: what does china have to do with this?
You: iraq is a trick
You: to take attention off of things
You: i remember iraq
You: though it has not been in any news for a long time here
Stranger: wow...
Stranger: um... so what brings you to this website?
You: it is one of the only sites that is not blocked
You: and it gives me some chance to talk to someone
You: we are not allowed to speak very much here
You: we work from dawn until dark
Stranger: so you have been working for 18 months?
You: i had to begin working when my brother and father left
You: i am one of the youngest workers
You: usually workers are 18
Stranger: sounds like some crazy shit
You: it is har
You: d
You: all i can do is pray
Stranger: well... i hope everything works out for you
Stranger: do you have an email address?
You: thank you
You: no
You: there is no personal email anymore
Stranger: i have seriously never heard about this biological war
Stranger: whats the sickness do to you?
You: you should know
You: i am not sure
You: they take people away
You: as soon as they get sick
Stranger: i watch bbc all the time... europe seems healthy
Stranger: so does china
You: i dont know what to say
You: there must be little media coverage
You: it is a very perilous war
You: the fear of it might be too much
You: for some
Stranger: even soldiers i know never tell me about it
Stranger: why is it so secret?
You: i do not know
You: they tell us very little
You: but we know that life as we know it may not continue
You: unless the right side wins
Stranger: who is the right side?
You: the side we fight for
You: we just want peace
Stranger: im from the USA... am i a bad guy?
You: i dont know
You: we will see
You: it may not matter
You: nothing matters anymore
Stranger: is anyone immune?
You: it is all so dark
You: no one is immune
You: it kills almost all animals
You: and 80% death rate in humans
Stranger: you must have been lied to... because everyone is safe and sound
You: i have watched peopel die
You: in secret
Stranger: or has the virus not been released?
You: so that they would not get taken away
Stranger: how many people have died in ur country already?
You: just some people at the very beginning
You: maybe
You: 5-7 thousand
Stranger: wow...
Stranger: thats alot
You: not as much
You: as the next few years
You: elsewhere
Stranger: we have the swine flu over here
Stranger: but thats it
You: what is swine flu?
Stranger: some new flu that came out a couple weeks ago
Stranger: its killed 200 people so far
You: maybe it is related
You: it started slowly here
Stranger: i dont think so... it started in mexico
You: yes!
You: this is the same
You: russia tested it on poor countries
You: in south america
You: and mexico
Stranger: it has only killed 200 people out of the thousands that have gotten it though
You: it began that way here too
You: everyone sick
You: but we thought it was just stomach flu
You: and then 500 died in one day
You: and the next day double that
You: i cannot see
Stranger: damn
Stranger: well...
Stranger: i hope everything is goes alright for you
Stranger: im gonna go to bed
You: be safe
You: stay away from public places
Stranger: ok!
Stranger: email me if you ever get a chane
You: tell people
Stranger: chance
You: people need to know
You: if oyu dont know
Stranger: is there anything else you can tell me?
You: other people mst not night know too
You: must not
You: know
Stranger: is there anything else you can tell me?
Stranger: ...
You: stay away from people with red hair
You: they get infected first
You: and die with the most agony
Stranger: damn
You: almost all of the ginger colored people here died
Stranger: ok...
Stranger: well...
Stranger: i will ttyl
You: maybe
Stranger: remember my email address
You: i cannot not eamil
You: i told you
You: just spread our plea for help
Stranger: if you ever get a chance
You: we need people to help us
Stranger: i will talk to you later then... good night!
Stranger: peace!
You: be safe
You: drink water
You: and vinegar
You: every other day
Stranger: ok
You: and very little salt and sugar
Stranger: sure thing
You: stay clean
Stranger: definitly
You: pray for me
Stranger: i will!
Stranger: i could leave this page up on my screen while i sleep
Stranger: and you can just write whatever you want
You: i wont be on long
Stranger: perhaps youre story
You: there is only 3 more minutes of electricity
Stranger: your*
You: tonight
Stranger: ok... well.. goodnight then!
Stranger: peace!
You: good luck
You: live long and prosper
Stranger: :D
You: there is one thing will you please visit a european site
Stranger: ok
You: that is tring to spread word
You: of this
You: to the nations who are being kept in the dark?
Stranger: ok
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I wonder often whether or not I am fashion, or whether someone else is fashion. I think it was the famous philosopher, Pedro Winter, who phrased it best.

oui oui oui