Monday, July 21, 2008



First, this is H.

Second, I just started a company called Seebra Vision.

Third, that company makes very special psychedelicious glasses.

Fourth, they're cheaper than drugs.


Now that's out of the way. This past saturday GLOW festival in Santa Monica happened and we went. It was pretty cool, there were lights. Most importantly, the first run of seebra vision glasses were released and people freaked out. They loved them. They shat themselves.

You know the canons up on the cliff in santa monica? Well there are cannons up there, and for the festival they put little tv screens in the canon hole. It was pretty cool. When I first got there I handed a pair of glasses to the people at the front of the line and told them to share, they put them on and looked in the hole, I walked away.


Six hours later there is a line of people waiting to look into the canon hole, and at the front of the line is someone wearing the glasses, looking in the hole, taking the glasses off and looking at them smiling, and then passing the glasses to the next person in line. SIX HOURS LATER.

Either people are real dumb or those glasses are real cool. OR BOTH!

But what it basically comes down to is this. I am very proud to say that I invented some really cool 3Dish glasses that make you feel like you're not on earth, and I am happy to give you a pair (OR TWO!) if you just facebook me (to prove you know me).

Otherwise, expect to see these at every festival, club, party, circus, funeral, business meeting, and mickey dees for the rest of your life. hopefully. probably. already.


seebra vision

a beautiful aquarium with the naked eye.

a beautiful aquarium with seebra vision.

the first few prototypes hit the streets.

for kids and adults with eyes.

looking out over the lit up beach.

this kind of sums it up.

everything looks cool

if one is good, more is better.

a seebra visionary

Oh yeah, and the cute little animation at the top of the page with VHV and the lighter, THAT'S SEEBRA VISION.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

on the chode again

fuck you vince.
bam, double whammy.
fuck you everyone.
bam, 6 bil whammy.

so woke up this morning to a phone call from the hotel room next to me. the time was 6:47 am and on the other end of the line was a man over the age of 80. of course at that time in life to distinguish between man or woman is a feat of phenomenal expertise, but we will assume it was a man.

that motherfucker. 6:47. ay am.
that motherfucker.

luckily pokemon was on at that time. motherfucking 4-11 year olds. probably all hyped up on corn pops and prescribed crack. a beautiful combination I like to call cracktose. which is sucrose+lactose+comatose+crack. and it resides in the loins of everyone who watches pokemon at 6:47am.

it was a good two episodes. I didn't know most of the characters and I'm pretty sure some digimon sneaked in there, but ash ketchum was there and I knew him so all was well. I guess they keep him in there in order to continue attracting the 18yr olds. misty topless would work too. and fewer digimon.

so I did some pushups lewd and newd and then attempted to make coffee, gave up. washed my face and scurried off to the breakfast. had me some overly sweet cranberry juice and a bagel. came back to find a "do not disturb" sign on my grandparents door, which either meant they were doing it or pooping. I'd say there was also a possibility they were doing both simultaneously, but neither of them can bend down that far.

the card no longer worked in my door so I sat outside until the old people emerged, worried about my whereabouts, in order to call and get my room opened. we were off by 9 o'clock, the earliest my grandparents had ever been in a car since 1907, back when they believed going over 30mph would cause brain damage.

before we left I used the telephone to perform a scooping motion with the mouthpiece from my scrotum to my anus. later I plan on calling the room and asking them if they want to know a secret.

I plan on today being extremely uneventful, much like yesterday. it seems like I'm playing a poorly designed video game in slow motion for 9 hours straight. sometimes I close my eyes just for fun. my grandneuter is driving right now, leaving me the opportunity to write this and conspire against them. my other grandneuter drools a lot and threatens us with "a major breakdown" if we don't stop where she wants us to stop. today, though we could very easily make it home, I expect us to stay at a hotel a couple of hours out of town. just for the hell of it.

the moral of this story is that it makes no sense that you have to be at least 45 or whatever to be president. I think 45 should be the age LIMIT. after 45 you're worrying too much about your skin flaking off and/or your butt decomposing to run a country. if our president was 18 there would be no war in iraq and there'd be national sex day. and a bunch of stuff would be legal and a bunch of other stuff would be illegal. like old people. and old people having sex would be death-sentence worthy.

so kids,
VOTE H IN 2012!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


that means
weve been busy with other things
like shooting pornos
you know where its at
so dont complain

vs suckin cock in tustin/workinchasin it
h's expanding in O ray Gun
v is off to death land

everyone get fully intoxicated tomorrow(4th)
thats what they wanted
so please... have a drink or two

herea are some random frotos from over the last month or something long like that

apparently j00s are obseessed with naked fatass women and black cats

catch that wind! throw it home!

he just has a relly nice ass, what can i say?

smilin' babys is where its at

haz 1st issue


my headshot for when i tryout for soap operas


da greek w/ rilo

sunsett beeg waveesss



no but f'real check out that shit squirtin' outta jojolita's ear

SO much shit goin on.

dats right

fuckin' G, jeeze, enJoyyy


that's a lotta yay!

cooool everythinglookscooool



fckng rvrs


uhhhh wheet?

someone stole my phone for a day...

Talk to you ladies and gentlms latter.
have a great holiday weekend
i know i might.
let summer
live long.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


thought i'd take a picture of me flying over Culver City.

wonttttton 045

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

brand new posts